More Information about Purchasing or Selling Your Collection

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I have lots of insects ( and a few arachnids) available. So many there is no way I can make a pricelist. So I constantly work on trying to get new and fresh items out on Ebay. But I am also interested in helping you find the perfect specimen through contacting me through this site. Please let me know how I can help you. 


 If you are looking to sell your insect collection or have inherited one through a loved one passing, I am interested in chatting with you about your collection. I know it can be difficult for those grieving and I want to be sensitive to this, but not knowing what to do with a collection has caused many valuable specimens to end up in the trash or in museums where they are sometimes neglected and never displayed to the general public. Your loved one cherished their collection and I want to help their legacy continue for many many years down the road, I'm here to help, please contact me. Thank you!

*US only, I no longer import insects, Please do not contact me and offer me insects for sale if you are not living in the US. Thank you for your understanding.+